Hensel product catalogs

NEW – Expert D 250 Speed
Download (PDF 300 KB)

Hensel Overview 2014
Have a quick look at our product range:
Download (PDF 2.4 MB)

The Hensel Main Catalog 2014/2015
for all flash units and matching light formers:
Hensel_Main_Catalog_2014-2015 (PDF 11 MB)

The Hensel Studio Accessories Catalog 2013/2014
for all kinds of accessories, such as stands, bags, radio remote control etc.:
Hensel_Studio_Accessories_2013-2014 (PDF 3.7 MB)

Hensel Light Former Comparison

Here you can find most of our light formers, sorted by their light effect. Now with all the softboxes from the new Hensel line and the parabolic Master PXL umbrellas.

Crisp Light: Download (PDF, 5,6 MB)

Soft Light: Download (PDF, 9,1 MB)

Special Light: Download (PDF, 3,8 MB)

freemask system – automatic cut-out masks made easy

You can now learn everything about freemask in our new freemask section!

There you will find, besides general information about the freemask system, information about the brand new Mask Integrator software, which makes your workflow even faster and easier.

WiFi Remote Labels

Download the template for labeling your ‘WiFi Remote’ enabled Hensel devices here and adjust the names individually.

Download WiFi Labels Template (Doc, 50 KB)

Flash durations of the Hensel compact flash units

You can download a summary of the flash durations of the current series Integra Mini, Integra Plus, Expert D and Cito 500 here:

Download (PDF, 160 KB)

User manuals

The user manuals for our products are available below the product description in the products section.

Hensel Lightguide

Are you looking for inspiration for your light set-ups? Did you always want to know how well-known photographers create their pictures? Then you should take a look at our light guide!

Download Lightguide No. 2 (PDF, 6,2 MB)


Certificate for Porty Lithium / Power Max L: Download (PDF, 280 KB)

Certificate for Porty Premium with lead gel batteries: Download (PDF, 46 KB)

Please note:

When carrying devices with lead gel batteries along on trips to and from the USA, you have to fill out a “Shipper’s Certification Of Articles Not Restricted” and also carry it with you, along with the certificate of compliance (see above): Download PDF


Here we offer some Firmware updates for current products.

Please use this firmware only if necessary: On advice of a Hensel technician or as instructed in the user guide of a new Hensel accessory. Read the respective update manual carefully prior to installation! In case of doubt contact our local distributor.

Unpack the Firmware before installation.


1. Porty L 600 & L 1200

Firmware 3.0 (OS 10.7 onwards)

Firmware 3.0 (Windows)

Update Manual


2. Porty L 600 & L 1200 (serial no. 12XPL3900600xx)

Firmware 3.2 (OS 10.7 onwards)

Firmware 3.2 (Windows)

Update Manual


3. AC Mains-Adapter for Porty L

Firmware 1.06 (OS 10.7 onwards)

Firmware 1.06 (Windows)

Update Manual


We are not responsible for failures during download or installation!