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Since a while everyone is talking about the new EU Data Protection Regulation (briefly GDPR).

Of course we did always stand to the valid regulations; we protected your data and never forwarded such information to a third party.
But the GDPR requests us to observe and document this even more rigorously.

Here you find our updated privacy policy: https://hensel.eu/en/privacy-policy 

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Making-of: Collection Shoot with Porty L 1200 on Location

Shooting a spring / summer collection in winter – that’s a classic studio job! Or is it?

Photographer Sebastian Heil prefers to shoot on location, so he and his team dared to take a trip in January to the nearby mountains... watch the video

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From old to new: Hensel Trade-In Offer

Trade in your studio lights for some shiny new Hensel lights!

Many photo studios are still harboring a collection of old, broken or unused flash devices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put them to good use?... continue reading

Ever-Ready Kits - now permanently available!

Your compact flash got knocked over and now the flash tube's broken? The convenient Ever-Ready Kits are the ideal rescue team! With these, (nearly) nothing can go wrong anymore, even while working on location - now permanently available in our portfolio... learn more

Unique Photo Expo 2018

June 8-10 in Fairfield, NJ

Don’t miss New Jersey’s largest photography event! More than 30 free photography workshops, great deals and more than 30 brand vendors are waiting for you... continue reading



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