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New special offer:
The Hensel Ever-Ready Kits - always by your side!

You receive the convenient Ever-Ready Kit with a 50% discount when buying a new Hensel monolight or for free when buying a new Hensel monolight kit - until December 31, 2017... continue reading

Review: Hensel Cito 500
& the Splash Diving World Championship 2017

Freeze motion extreme! Pro photographer Sascha Huettenhain captured the athletes in motion in a photo shoot on location  - with Cito 500 monolights... continue reading

Hensel at the Photo Plus Expo 2017 in New York City

October 26-28, 2017: Our official US distributor Unique Photo can't wait to welcome you at booth #949 to show you the Hensel highlights... continue reading

New: Grand Mini 85 - the foldable softbox for Hensel flash units

Open it up, attach the diffusers and mount it on the flash unit - done! The new Grand Mini 85 foldable softbox with a diameter of 85 cm is probably the most practical Hensel softbox of all time... continue reading

Dog's joy: A positive approach to the shooting of our 'smaller brothers'

Pro photographer Alexander Khoklov from Russia told us how his funny dog portraits came to be and what to expect when working with animals in a photo shoot ... continue reading

Making-of: Fine food photography with Hensel light

Pro photographer Michael Magulski shows the new Fujifilm XF 80 mm F 2.8 Objektiv in use at a food photo shoot, illuminated by beautiful Hensel light... continue reading

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