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New special offer:
"One Light - Full Power" Kit incl. the new Grand Mini 85!

Bring new life to your photography! This flash kit provides you with everything you need to start into professional flash photography - offer valid until December 31, 2017... continue reading

Making of: Footvolley - Sports photography with Hensel Cito 500

Playing in the sand with Tobias Froehner Photography and the ultra-short flash duration and fast recycling times of Cito 500 & the Porty L system... continue reading

Expert D - The state-of-the-art compact flash series by Hensel

Seductive recipes & fast flashes - with our proven Expert D monolights, you can create highly dynamic photos, as seen in Marc Stern's photo & cookbook 'Paradise Kitchen' ... continue reading

Making of: 'Dancer against Cancer' Calender Shoot '18

Celebrity photographer Manfred Baumann from Vienna photographed Austrian celebrities for a good cause - with Hensel Expert D monolights... watch the video now

Ever-Ready Kits
Now with 50% off when buying a new monolight or
for free when buying a new monolight kit*:


*Valid for kits with a price of 1,000 Euro or higher.



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