Why should I use flashes? Current cameras offer an outstanding image quality even at high ISO and this means I can use LED and FL lamps.
  1. Because of the short flash durations (and fast recycling times) of modern compact flashes and flash generators it is possible to “freeze” motion.
  2. Flashes are very effective. Especially when shooting outdoors i.e. in direct sunlight the light output of typical continuous light sources is way too low.
  3. Short flash durations prevent blurred pictures caused by camera shake/vibrations and allow to gain max. resolution of the best cameras.
  4. In difference to typical continuous light sources it is possible to control the light output of professional flashes over a wide range and to adjust their power to your ideas and the existing light on the set.
  5. In difference to typical continuous light sources professional flashes don’t change color temperature at different power levels.
  6. Flash light provides very good color rendering (CRI 95). Many modern LED and FL lamps cause a mediocre color fidelity (CRI 90 or less).
  7. In combination with high res DSLR’s the short flash durations of professional flashes ensure to achieve the max. resolution of those cameras – factors like camera shake and vibration (mirror/shutter) have no influence on the image quality.
  8. Professional flash systems offer a wide assortment of light shaping tools and therefore more creative possibilities.
  9. When using flashes it is possible to control flash and continuous light independently: Adjusting exposure time mainly changes the intensity of the continuous light (e.g. daylight).