WORKSHOP-TIPP: HighEnd Scan & ColorManagement – 13.04.2019 in Bad Nauheim

One day workshop with Brian Aderer from Hudson Grafik Services

PhotoKlassik Akademie about the workshop:
„Are you a passionate analogue photographer with the desire to learn more about getting your scans to match the originals you see laying on your light table? Drum scanners provide excellent shadow performance, high resolution over a wide range of film formats and more important – deliver superior tonal differentiation.
Profiling your scanner is paramount to capturing all these capabilities into your workflow. This workshop will cover and discuss techniques for bringing lab quality results to your home or lab workflow, regardless of your current equipment.

This unique Scanning Color-Management Workshop will enable operators to set up their own color-managed scanning workflow. It covers profiling of slide film and reflective originals and offers several tips and tricks for the often-challenging scanning of color negatives and/or black and white film for immediate or subsequent conversion. With its internal 12-bit logarithmic processing, the Heidelberg Tango/Primescan drum scanners are fully capable of differentiating subtle tones and producing superior data for post-processing.

We invite you to meet the experts from Hudson Grafik Services (a U.S. based company providing global services to serious analogue photographers), where we will discuss common issues, pit-falls, and evaluate best practices to get the best results. What we are covering in this workshop are applicable to all drum or flatbed image-capture devices, but a Heidelberg Primescan D7100 will be present for this hands-on experience.

We will also demonstrate the resolving power of the Primescan, and discuss how to get the most out of any drum scanner, so that the texture and grain of your film original is preserved across different mediums.“

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