Hensel WiFi Remote:

Now available for macOS!

Now available for macOS!

The 'Hensel Remote' App for the remote control of Hensel flash devices with WiFi Remote is now also available for macOS - just download it free of charge on the Mac App Store... continue reading

From Old To New: The Hensel trade-in offer

From Old To New: Hensel Trade-In

Many photo studios are still harboring a collection of old, broken or unused flash devices. Wouldn’t it be great if you could put them to good use? We can help you with that!... continue reading

55 Years Hensel: Special offer ahead!

We are turning 55 this year, and we want to celebrate this anniversary with you!

So watch out for the 1st of December, a true Hensel classic is on its way to bring you a very special offer... learn more in the next newsletter!

Do you know... the Hensel Softdish 80?

Hensel Softdish 80

Probably the most lightweight foldable softbox we've ever had! This versatile light modifier can also be turned into a 'Beauty Dish' in no time... continue reading


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