360 Degree Car Photography for the Automotive Business

Perfect images – for perfect bestsellers!

Large products like cars, camper mobiles, boats and furniture are more and more sold online via webshops and online marketplaces. Interactive, 360° shots are the ideal solution to stand out of the crowd and to present the objects in a perfect way. Additionally, the playful aspect of these kinds of images invites your website visitors to stay on your page and to focus even more intensely on the particular product.

We offer you the full package for the production of 360° object shots: From the fully automatic turntable from XY Imager to professional lighting technology from Hensel, you receive your individual studio, and everything is coming from one place. The system is reliable, efficient and easy to use – operable even by persons without a photographic education.

360° Fahrzeugfotografie


    • Your customers receive better and faster information about a vehicle than ever before
    • Your customers look at vehicles up to a minute longer than usual, thanks to the 360°-view and the high-resolution zoom option
    • Your customers make a faster purchase decision
    • Faster purchase decisions result in a faster stock turnover
    • Increased range and a larger customer base within reach
    • A nearly perfect documentation of the as-is vehicle condition
    • Handover of customer vehicles can be combined with a unique photo session


  • Additional revenue is possible by offering services like vintage car photography!

360° Car Photography at BRABUS

What does a high-end car photography studio from Hensel & XY Imager include?

Our car studios are modularly designed to match your individual wishes & needs.
Here is an overview of the components and features:

    • Automatic turntables with control via computer or touch screen
    • Lighting: choose between professional flash for optimal results or LED for ease of use
    • Turntable with just 56 mm height for easy installation and use
    • Tunrtable diameter of up to 10 m possible (standard model: 5 m)
    • Load capacity of up to 10,000 kg possible (standard model: 4,000 kg)
    • Fast photo series of only approx. 2.5 minutes for a quick photo production
    • Setup possible on all level surfaces & can be mounted to retract into floor
    • Different upgrades and customized models available: light tent, screen, podium, access ramp…
    • When using a light tent: Vehicle interior pictures are possible without additional cost due to the even overall lighting
    • Output of 360° animations in HTML 5 format (software included)
    • Delivery, service, and support from a single source – with our experience as supplier of leading photo studios, we help you to achieve  the best possible pictures


  • Quality products with highest standard – the turntables are „Made in Austria“, the lighting is “Made in Germany”


From the shoot to the post-production – here you can see an example of a workflow for 360° shots:

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Automobile refinement company BRABUS relies on the light tent & turntables from XY Imager and finest Hensel lighting to create 360° vehicle shots and images for high-quality photo composings – have a look into the studio here:

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We are happy to advise you on the full package solutions for 360° product shots!
Just get in contact with us, so that we can create together with you the perfect studio for all your needs.