What is freemask?

freemask is the quickest and most exact solution to produce accurate and homogeneous cut-out masks in studio routine. Even smallest structures, details and transparencies are perfectly reproduced.

The mask is created during the picture taking process which reduces the amount of cut-out work after production to a minimum and allows for workflow of highest quality at a most efficient level. freemask was developed in cooperation with the schoepe GmbH.

All info about freemask can also be found in our flyer. (PDF, 215 KB)

How does freemask work?

With the help of the continuous exposure setting of your camera and the freemask transmitter, two exposures are automatically made per shutter release: during the first exposure the motif is lit (1), and during the second exposure only the background is lit (2).
This backlit shot is used to create a pixel-exact mask (3) at postproduction.

You can download the instructions for manual editing here. (PDF, 1,5 MB)

For more information and sample images, please watch our freemask video:

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What do I need to use freemask?

You need Hensel flash units with a freemask receiver (integrated or external), the freemask radio transmitter, and a digital camera with continuous exposure setting (min. 3 exposures per second).

These flash units feature integrated freemask:
Expert D
Integra Plus
Cito 500
Nova D / Nova DL
Porty L
Tria 24 SF

The freemask transmitter is available for triggering of the units. Furthermore, you can use the freemask radio set (1 transmitter and 2 receivers) to turn older Hensel flash units into freemask-ready units.

You can use the freemask flash equipment for normal applications, if no cut-outs are necessary.

Where can I see some example images?


All the product images of the webshop are made with freemask.

You can also see two examples from portrait and still photography in our freemask video (see video above).

Mask Integrator – Automatic Cut-Outs in a FlashNow you can simplify the freemask workflow even more!

Mask Integrator by Picture Instruments offers everything you need to further process your images, including:

– Automated recognition and loading of new pictures whenever you connect your camera to your

– Mask optimization of blacks and whites

– Automated removal of shading elements on the edge of pictures

– Use brushes to correct the shape of a mask

– View the extracted picture during photographing in front of any background of your choice

Get a 14-day trial version of Mask Integrator at Also, the activation code can be purchased there at a later time and a video tutorial on how to use the software is available, too.

The freemask workflow is a cooperation of: