Dancers in motion with Hensel Expert D

Dance Photography by Vibeke Havenstroem

Vibeke Havenstrøm, a photographer from Norway, recently changed her light equipment to Hensel with Expert D monolights. She told us why:

Vibeke Havenstroem with Fredrik Jonassen of InfoGrafikk

I am finally able to take the photos that I want!

I specialize in dance photography, and dancers move – a lot!
Before, I used to get some areas that were not as sharp as I would want them to be – an unsharp arm or leg.

But now, with my new Hensel Lights, I get sharp and clear images – so I can be creative and spend my time working with the dancers to make beautiful images!

So I’m very happy with my decision!

This has already paid off more than once: Vibeke has received 10 international highly commended awards for her dance photography!

Hensel Expert D monolights provide very short flash duration times, especially in the medium power range, which support you a lot in your practical work – ideal for capturing people in motion!
Now with the new WiFi Remote control included, for even more convencience while working.

So let’s get dancing!

You can find more about Vibeke Havenstrøm and her work on her website or facebook page.

Dance Photography by Vibeke Havenstroem

Dance Photography by Vibeke Havenstroem