Making-of ‘Ragnaroek’ – Vikings vs. Knights

Up-and-coming photographers Arthur Naculchanov and Johannes Tauras from Germany went to the Northern Alps to shoot their free project ‘Ragnaroek’ in front of a breathtaking location.
Six ‘vikings’ and seven ‘knights’ took part in this event to guarantee stunning and powerful results!

Arthur and Johannes used our battery power supply Hensel Power Max L to power the fast Hensel Expert D monolights on location.
Light modifiers used: Grand 90, Octabox 90, 120 and 200 with Bounce Adapter, 9″ reflector

You can use the Power Max L with up to three Hensel monolights, but it is also suited to power wind machines, LED lights and many other devices!

Watch the epic making-of video of this shoot now:

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