NEW: Compact & fast – Expert D 250 SPEED

Up to now the usability of monolights for people and fashion photography was seriously limited: Slow recycling times and long flash durations didn’t allow dynamic shootings. The Expert D 500 and Expert D 1000 Hensel introduced 4 years ago, are among the first compact flashes with a performance that got accepted by many fashion photographers.

And now, at photokina 2014, we introduce a new member of the Expert D family: The Expert D 250 SPEED. This compact flash is designed for ultimate speed and highest stability, made for demanding people and fashion photographers.

Hensel Expert D 250 SPEED

Ultra short flash durations

1/4.000-1/10.000s*, the fastest flash duration is available already at 62.5Ws. Flash durations are short enough over the entire power range the freeze motion.

 Rapid recycle times

0.22-0.045s, respectively 4.5-22 flashes per second. Perfect for continuous shootings with the fastest cameras.

Wide power range

250-1Ws, corresponding to 9 f-stops. Sufficient power for professional sets, but also widely adjustable for images with limited depth of field or fill light.

⇒ Bright model light

Brilliant 300W halogen model light allows easy image control and fast autofocus.

⇒ Reflector quick-exchange automatic

Simplifies the fast and safe exchange of all accessories.

⇒ Effective temperature management

Limited thermal stress for a hassle-free permanent operation.

⇒ Excellent workmanship

Sturdy metal housing and first-class components ensure a long operation time and life expectancy.

⇒ Integrated radio synchronization & remote control

Comfortable handling on location and for difficult accessible flashes.

⇒ Optional battery operation

Works in combination with Hensel’s mobile power source “Power Max L”.

 Handy & lightweight

Size 33×13,1×19,7 cm, weight 3,15 kg

⇒ Comprehensive accessory range

Wide assortment of light shaping tools for unlimited creative freedom.


In difference to many other monolights, Expert D 250 SPEED delivers short flash durations and fast recycling times even at higher power levels. Its performance exceeds many expensive flash generators at similar energy settings. This means an Expert D 250 SPEED allows to freeze motion and to shoot at high speed over its entire power range – continuously…

Deliveries start early 2015.

* t = 0.5 – with standard flash tube (no exchange necessary) and normal synchronisation