Compare Light Formers


The range of Hensel light shapers is highly versatile. The better you know their properties, the better you can use their respective advantages in a targeted manner. In addition to the lighting characteristics and the power output, the respective lighting effect has a lasting effect on the resulting images. Our comparison of available light formers offers a good overview of the most important properties as well as the opportunity to view a direct comparison of two or more light formers of your choice.

Crisp Light:
Download (PDF, 5,6 MB)

Soft Light:
Download (PDF, 9,1 MB)

Special Light:
Download (PDF, 3,8 MB)

You can also compare the light formers while browsing our product area. To do so, put at least two different light formers on your checklist (by clicking ‘Add to compare’ on the respective product info page). Then click the button ‘Compare’ at ‘Compare Products’. A new window opens – scroll down to ‘Light Former Comparison’. By clicking the thumbnails you can now compare the images in full view.