Expert D Jubilee-Edition

Hensel Expert D 1000 Jubilee
Hensel Expert D 1000 Jubilee

Hensel Expert D’s are true “State-of-the-Art” monolights with very short flash durations, ultra-fast recycling times, a wide power range and full radio remote control. All this comes in a solid, reliable but yet lightweight aluminum housing – made to withstand many years of heavy use. Excellent equipment for demanding photographers and demanding jobs.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary, we produced an additional and limited edition of those compact flashes. As a reminiscence of our long tradition both side plates are painted in a grey hammer finish. On top they wear our special Jubilee emblem in black. Included are a flood reflector, coated in the same style like the side plates, a frosted glass cover and a special white 85cm umbrella with Jubilee logo. Needless to say that all Expert D monolights are created and crafted in Germany.

The Expert D 500 Jubilee is strictly limited to world-wide 250 units, Expert D 1000 Jubilee to 150 units. Each flash comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Please get in contact with your local dealer to secure your unit(s). This Jubilee-Edition is just available while stock last.