Hensel Cito 500

Hensel Cito 500 - The fastest compact flash worldwide

Do you want to freeze fastest motion at maximum sharpness or take fast picture series? Maybe even both at the same time as often required for people, fashion, or product photography? Then, the new Hensel Cito 500 is the first choice: with flash duration times of up to 1/100.000s and a picture frequency of 40 flashes/sec. maximum, it is the fastest compact flash worldwide.

It achieves flash duration times of less than 1/20.000s and more than 10 flashes/sec. already at a medium power setting: practical values for dynamic shootings! At ca. 15Ws Cito reaches 1/63.000s, this means approximately 4 f-stops more light output than a flash with just 1Ws! This flash helps you take fascinating images that stand out from the crowd. In normal mode, continuously.

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The highlights of Hensel Cito 500:

• Ultra-short flash duration times from 1/2,000-1/100,000 sec. for “freezing” fastest movements

• Extremely fast flash sequences from 0.5-0.025 sec., corresponding to 2-40 flashes / sec. for dynamic series

• Wide setting range covering 9 f-stops (500-2 Ws) and thus a multitude of creative options

• High-quality materials and first-class workmanship

• Integrated radio sync and remote control for convenient work

• Integrated freemask receiver for uncomplicated cut-outs

• Hensel EH quick change connector with a comprehensive selection of lightformers

• Direct display of flash sequence or duration times

• Optimum cooling and safety features for trouble-free continuous use

• Bright 300 W halogen modeling light for directly checking light effects

• Developed and manufactured in Germany

Hensel Cito 500 Hensel Cito 500 Hensel Cito 500

Thanks to the special flash cutting technology used, exposures turn out much sharper than with conventional flash units, even in the higher power ranges. The proven Hensel EH quick-change system offers a wide range of versatile light shaping tools that let you master any photographic job. Furthermore, due to its integrated radio sync and remote control that includes the Freemask function for easy cut-outs, the Cito 500 is also thoroughly convenient.

All Cito 500 are manufactured and assembled at Hensel-Visit in Wuerzburg, and then each is thoroughly evaluated and tested for functionality. The quality of material and workmanship is outstanding and the quality all-metal housing convinces with its straight forward design as well as its look and feel.

Based on its sturdy construction, the Cito 500 is also perfect for extreme use like for professional rental or in the technical/science area.
Each Cito 500 is delivered including test certificate and comes in its dedicated transport case, just like you would expect of such a first-class product.

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