New bag collection – Made in Germany

Spring is in full swing and it starts to draw the photographers more and more to photo shoots on location. This means: There is equipment to be packed up and moved! That is why we are happy to present our new bags to you today.

Hensel Gerätetasche einzeln und Innenansicht

Universally applicable: The device bag is extremely compact and also ideally suited for the transport of photo and studio accessories. It has an individually partable compartment, the dividers can be placed fast and easily thanks to Velcro tapes. The additional handles at the front and the back ensure a better management of the bag on flat surfaces, for example in the trunk of a vehicle.

Produktbild der Hensel Stativtasche

Coming back stronger: The stand bag has an additional inner layer on both ends which prevents the stand head from piercing through the fabric. The bag is perfect for two Hensel VI aluminum stands (code no. 223) or similar stands.

Still beautifully round: The reflector bag for Beauty Dishes protects the popular light modifier, as always, from dirt and scratches.


The best part: All three bags are made in Germany. As a company which highly values sustainability and short transport routes, we are especially happy about this improvement! Furthermore, it enables a high delivery capacity and we can react to the demands of you, our customers, a lot easier.


Revision of the monolight kits

the new device bag, we have revised our monolight kit range and have reduced it to two kits:

Die beiden Hensel Kits "Integra" und "Expert"


2x Integra 500 Plus monolight (8815FM)
2x umbrella flood reflector (87)
1x radio transmitter Strobe Wizard Plus (3950)
1x device bag (4211)


2x Expert D 500 monolight (8350SW)
2x umbrella flood reflector (87)
1x radio transmitter Strobe Wizard Plus (3950)
1x device bag (4211)

The following accessory kits are available again:

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