Power-up! Optimized battery for Porty L & Power Max L for even more joy of lighting

We have good news for all fans of mobile flash lighting: As of now, an optimized battery quick-change drawer is available for Porty L & Power Max L devices!

The new battery enables you to trigger more than 300 flashes at 1200 Ws (600 at 600 Ws, 1200 at 300 Ws etc.) instead of about 200 flashes with a Porty L 1200 power pack with a fully charged battery.

The high-performance lithium cells are extremely durable, long-lasting and can be charged to 80% in 60 minutes (to 100 % in 95 minutes). An updated UN certificate for travels by airplane is also available on our website at “Infos -> Downloads”.

Another good thing: The current price remains the same, as well as the code no. 1499. For the technical data about the battery, go to https://katalog.hensel.eu/en/lithium-battery.html

Are you ready to power up your mobile lighting system?

Your local Hensel dealer is happy to get in touch with you!