The Reliable Battery Pack for your Monolights

Hensel PML

You want to use your Hensel monolights outside a studio? Simply because they offer more power, faster recycling times and much more light shaping possibilities than typical speedlights or some of the latest battery monolights? No problem – with Hensel’s new “Power Max L”, a mobile power supply especially designed and manufactured by Hensel in Germany for current Hensel flashes.

In difference to most of the cheap after-market solutions, Power Max L is safe in use and offers excellent performance. Its comparatively low weight and small size are perfect for photographers “on the go”!

Technical Data

Maximum flash power 2000Ws (total)
Maximum continuous power 500W
Compatible flashes up to 3x Integra Mini, 3x Integra Plus, 2x Expert D or 1x Speed Max
Flash capacity (w/o model light) approx. 110 flashes @ 2000Ws, 220 @ 1000Ws, 440 @ 500Ws. 880 @ 250Ws etc.
Recycling times 0,2-1,0s with Expert D 500, 0,28-2s with Expert D 1000
Model light 2x 100W with Expert D in “PM Mode”
Battery Lithium in quick-exchangeable cassette
Battery recharge (empty battery) 2h
Connectors 2x Schuko (230V/50Hz) or 2x Nema (120V/60Hz) mains socket, 1x quick charger (battery cassette)
Control indicators mains switch, power draw, error (overheat) & battery capacity
Standby after 15 minutes of nonuse (disengageable)
Size 19,8×22,5×21,5cm/7,8×8,9×8,6’’
Weight (incl. battery) 4,6kg/10,15lbs