NEW: Hensel Turntable 360° – The Precise Turntable for Professional Product Photography

High-quality 360° product images are becoming increasingly more important. Online stores, the industry, museums, auction houses, insurances, and many others rely on them to best present the characteristics and features of products and objects on their websites. At the same time, demands on product speed, reliability, and expandability of such systems are steadily growing.

Hensel now offers an especially sturdy and reliable turntable that meets even highest demands. This Hensel Turntable 360°, made of best materials and high-grade components, has a load capacity of maximum 120 kg. This makes it ideal for a multitude of applications, from small pieces of jewelry to 360° pictures of an entire person, e.g. for images of clothing items.

New product: Hensel Turntable 360°

With the help of almost any Smartphone, Tablet or PC and the installed Internet browser, you can control the Hensel Turntable 360° via WLAN – this means the system works with every current system software. The camera in use is directly connected to the Hensel Turntable 360° and is triggered automatically. The delivery includes a cable that the customer selects to match the individual camera type. This makes it a true stand-alone solution which is not dependent on integration into an existing system.

Even less experienced users can easily and efficiently produce first-class 360° images of many different motifs, especially in combination with the fast Hensel Expert D compact flashes well-known for their exceptional performance reliability and their steady color temperature.

Effective immediately, the Hensel Turntable 360° is available at a purchase price of 3,198.00 € (MSRP without VAT). Find your local supplier here.

Technical Details

  • Maximum load: 120 kg/265 lbs (10 kg/22 lbs hanging)
  • Motor: Stepper motor with reduction gear unit
  • Control: WLAN via Internet Browser
  • Time per full rotation: from 20 sec. (max. 16 photos), 30 sec. (max. 24 photos), 40 sec. (max. 36 photos), 160 sec. (max. 100 photos) etc. – continuously adjustable
  • Rotational direction: left/right (manually), right (automatically)
  • Position indicator: yes, in degrees (control device)
  • Indicator for last triggering: yes (control device)
  • Number of photographs/rotation: max. 360
  • Individual starting and finishing angle: yes
  • Multiple images within pre-selectable angles: yes
  • Special functions: Quick Shot, Repeat Shot, Pause
  • Camera connector: XLR jack (cables for all common EVIL and DSLR cameras available)
  • Power supply: with 24V DC adapter (included)
  • Size: 30 x 24 x 15 cm/11,82 x 9,45 x 5,91”  (without plate), 40 x 40 x 17 cm/15,75 x 15,75 x 6,69” (with plate)
  • Diameter of turntable: 40 cm/15,75” (changeable)
  • Weight: 8.5 kg/18,74 lbs (housing and turntable made of metal)
  • Extras: adjustable base columns, white housing, USB connector for updates and control (in preparation)