“Keen Hawaii” by Sebastian Heil

Shooting a spring / summer collection in winter – that’s a classic studio job! Or is it?

Sebastian Heil and his team prefer to shoot on location:
“We got this job for Andy Wolf Eyewear in winter and I’m not at all a fan of studio work, so I wanted to break the spring / summer theme.
That’s why we went to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains in January at -1°C. Apart from that, the idea of showing pictures from the deepest winter in the middle of summer really appealed to me.”

Our Porty L Battery System was the faithful and reliable light companion for this trip.

But did it work out? See for yourself in the video!

You can see some of the results here on sebastianheil.com

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Photos: sebastianheil.com
Video: http://davidohl.de