We show everything!

Hensel Expert D - Photo: Katrin Heyer

Though our equipment managed the recent summer heat well due to effective cooling and high quality components – and won’t let you down even during the hottest shootings – we have now stripped our Expert D of its housing and present it basically naked: If you are interested in technology, you will find this flash attractive even without its sturdy metal housing!

Our equipment consists of best components, mounted and calibrated mostly by hand. We do not churn out random mass products constructed mainly for maximum profit.

Hensel Expert D - Photo: Katrin Heyer    Hensel Expert D - Photo: Katrin Heyer

Hensel equipment is developed and manufactured by committed technicians for demanding users who rightfully believe to have made a sound investment in photographic tools that will function reliably even after many years of professional use and that can be repaired if necessary.
The best way to conserve resources is to buy and use lasting products; recycling is only the second best method.

Here, on the basis of an Expert D 500, you can see how much high-tech is in our equipment. An effort not many manufacturers are willing to make. We at Hensel value the production of solid and reliable equipment – despite the fact that this requires more effort.

Your trust shows us that we are right on the mark: many thanks to you!