Making of “Hensel SUMMER SPECIAL”

Making of: Summer Special

Do you know how the lead picture for this promotion came about?

Photographer Sarah-Debora Schmidt from Wuerzburg told us some interesting details about the idea behind the photo and the challenges during the shoot:

“I wanted the photo with the floating petals to look graceful, beautiful and light. Since even delicate petals can develop a certain weight when put together, it was important to take care that the look and pose of the model come across as effortless and relaxed.
The rapid flash recycling times of the Expert D 250 Speed gave me enough opportunities to hit the exact right moment without having to repeat the shooting process too often.”

Sarah used the foldable Grand Mini 85 softbox as the light modifier, without diffusers, but with a metal deflector instead – for saturated colors and a good depth effect, to underline the summer-like character as well as the flight of the petals.

Regarding the handling of the props, Sarah told us the following:

“A particular challenge when working with petals is their delicacy – they suffered a great deal after a short time because of the repeated throwing and picking up again. In the final picture, the petals were clearly affected, but this could be easily compensated afterwards during retouch.”

The patience and the pursuit of the perfect timing paid off:

“In the final picture, only petals who have really been thrown by my dear assistant are visible. That’s why it is a very special photo for me, which might have been easier to realize as a composing, but it wouldn’t have been ‘real’ and also no photographic challenge.”


Take a look behind the scenes of the shoot in the following video:

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CREDITS: Photography – Sarah-Debora Schmidt – Model: Rebecca Haupt – Assistants: Frauke Liesegang & Toasty – Video: Julian Ott

Lighting Equipment used

Hensel Expert D 250 Speed mit Grand Mini 85 + Deflektor


Summer Special - only available till August 31!

The Expert D 250 Speed and the Grand Mini 85 are available as the SUMMER SPECIAL kit till August 31, including a deflector, radio transmitter and transport CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!

About the photographer

Sarah-Debora Schmidts preferred areas are business photography and individual, creative photo shoots. For the latter she likes to make huge efforts to realize the ideas of her clients uniquely and on point. Besides the classical studio work, she loves to work with flashlight on location.

Sarah ist not only connected with Hensel through her love for Wuerzburg: „The Expert D 250 Speed monolight is a great, reliable device which enables me to get even the most exceptional jobs done.”

Learn more about Sarah’s work here:
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