What does the world say about Hensel?


Reviewing your current status helps to optimise projects, launch additional activities and generally simplify working with each other. We therefore surveyed our distributors and, thankfully, they almost all responded.

We would like to share with you the results of this survey:

Loyalty to the Hensel brand was rated as being high to very high by 82% of those surveyed, as was our brand image by 79% of those questioned. The reliability of our equipment was assessed as being above-average: 80% for Porty L, 75% for Integra Plus and 73% for Expert D monolights.

The respondents were also very positive about the long service life and good service provision, even for very old Hensel products.
Our internal sales team achieved over 96% customer satisfaction in terms of the quality of their advice! Some 93% rated both the company’s product information and solution-orientated discussions as being very good.

We would like to warmly thank you all for your active participation in our survey!