Photographer Jürgen Müller accompanied baby chicks growing up

Photos: Jürgen Müller

They are small, yellow and exceedingly fluffy: That is what most people probably have in mind first when they hear the word “chick”. Juergen Mueller, professional photographer and photo artist from Hamburg (Germany), portrayed a whole bunch of these little fellows from their hatching until they became young hens.


Photo: Jürgen Müller

Juergen used a table top setup to put the baby birds in the right light. This compact set was illuminated with a Certo 400 monolight, positioned on the right, with a Softbox 30 x 40 as the light modifier. On the opposite site he placed a white styrofoam panel to bounce the flashlight.


Photo: Jürgen Müller

It was very important to Juergen Mueller that his new feathered friends were well-provided for during the whole project:

“The chicks have been nurtured from day one in a species-appropriate stall. The stall had thermostat-controlled heating and a webcam where the state of the chicks (food supply, water, etc.) could be monitored via smartphone.

From the 3rd week on, the chicks were moved step by step to a nearby farm. The small birds felt comfy and cozy there as well, in a wooden house full of straw, also equipped with a heat lamp.”

Photo: Jürgen Müller

“Since the project is over now, all 22 hens are clucking together on the farm. There, they are living in a mobile stall in an outdoor pen. The stall will be moved from time to time, as soon as the location is overgrazed.

The baby birds were hand-tame and imprinted on me. During every photo shoot they received mealworms as a reward. This made the baby chicks go crazy every time I got near their shed. Everyone wanted to get on my hand and go “shooting” – which meant pecking fresh mealworms.”

Photo: Jürgen Müller

Photo: Jürgen Müller

Photo: Jürgen Müller


Juergen Mueller and his team of Studio Mueller in Hamburg provide hand-tailored photo concepts and professional photography, they shoot business reports, brochures, industrial photos and product photos for companies.

Apart from that, they create signed fine art photos for the decoration of business locations and foyers, for private persons and other photo art enthusiasts.

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