Retrospective: Professional Imaging Trade Show 2019 with Hensel

Hensel auf der Professional Imaging 2019

The biggest trade show of the Netherlands welcomed us in Nijkerk, near Amsterdam! 3 days focused on the favorite subject of us all – photography – and many more imaging topics made this trade show a maginificent event, which kept the heart of every photo fan beating faster.

Together with our Dutch distributor ‘Hensel Studiotechniek‘ and some renowned, local pro photographers, the Hensel booth turned into a people magnet already on the first day.

Hensel at the Professional Imaging 2019

Hensel at the Professional Imaging 2019

The Hensel-Team – top row (from left to right): Patrick Bongartz, Marco ter Beek, Sascha Bloch, lower row: Peter de Koning, Niek de Koning
Not in the picture: Mark de Roo, Guido van Echteld, Paul Bekkers


We provided some advanced training in the form of live photo shoots: Five different photography pros showed to the curious visitors how they work and gave them practical tipps and know-how for the creation of their own photos.

These photographers were part of the fun: Marco ter Beek, Patrick Bongartz, Guido van Echteld, Mark de Roo and Paul Bekkers.

Hensel at the Professional Imaging 2019

Various topics were covered, from setting up and positioning the lights to the freemask workflow for automatic cut-outs, so that every guest could find the right inspiration for their work.

Hensel at the Professional Imaging 2019

Hensel at the Professional Imaging 2019


Photographer Marco ter Beek also held some live shoots at the booths of BenQ and SONY with our lighting equipment. At BenQ’s it was all about the answer to the question “Why is it so important to work with a color calibrated monitor, especially when it comes to making prints from your photos?”.

At SONY, the different focus modes of the camera and which mode is suited for which purpose were the main topics. Apart from that, Marco demonstrated how the specific illumination helps to receive the photo that you wish for.

Here you can see a small selection of the live shoot results:

Live Shoot Results by Marco ter Beek Live Shoot Results by Marco ter Beek Live Shoot Results by Marco ter Beek Live Shoot Results by Marco ter Beek

Marco used Expert D monolights and as light modifiers one Grand 90 Softbox for the main light, as well as two 7″ reflectors for the background light.


Frank Doorhof, photographer & trainer, has been booked for several live shoots on the trade show stage and showed the visitors his way of portrait and people photography with unusual props – a great job for the fast Expert D monolights !

Frank likes to take his followers behind the scenes of the events he participates in and gives you and us a closer look at what is happening – the Professional Imaging was no exception.

Come along to the event in the following video:

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Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by, it was a pleasure!

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