100 Portraits in 5 days – Hensel & Friedrun Reinhold at the ‘Fotohaven Hamburg’

Photo: Fotoraum Reinhold

The travel & leisure trade show “Reisen Hamburg” has established a separate area for photography for the first time this year. From cameras and lenses, to image output to photo trips, photography fans have been offered everything that their hearts desire.

Friedrun Reinhold, an experienced pro photographer with his own studio in Hamburg, was hired by the organizers to shoot portraits of the visitors live in an on location photo studio. About 100 portraits of fascinating personalities have been created during this time.

The portrayed people were mainly recruited spontaneously through special invitation cards. Among the brave models were jesters, harvest queens, artists, dukes, pirates, the Guiness World Record holder for cycling through every single country of this world, and many more unusual and also simply “normal” characters from all over the world.

Along for lighting support was Hensel lighting expert Frank Oeynhausen, who advised curious visitors, who stopped by to watch the photo shoots, on everything light-related.


Photo: Fotoraum Reinhold

The on location studio was equipped with the powerful and fast Expert D monolights. When it comes to light, photographer Friedrun relies on Hensel flash devices and light modifier:

“Since the people in front of my camera are mostly unexperienced in being there, it is important to me to be able to react fast, so that I can capture every emotion right when it shows. With the Expert D monolights from Hensel, I always have the right light at the right time.”

For the main light and the fill light, an Octabox 150 and a Grand Mini 85 have been used. Three 30 x 120 Stripboxes have been chose for the lighting of the background, because they are space-saving due to the long and thin shape.


Come and take a peek over the shoulder of the photographer here:

Photo: Fotoraum Reinhold

Photo: Fotoraum Reinhold

Photo: Fotoraum Reinhold


Here you can see a small selection from the nearly 100 final portraits:

Fotos: © Friedrun Reinhold

Discover more about Friedrun Reinhold and his photographic work at fotoraum-reinhold.de