Young old friends – Laura Heald on the road with Power Max L & Expert D 500

A decade ago Laura Heald was working on a multimedia for Sports Illustrated for Kids on Kona Skatepark, a famed establishment in Florida. Molly Kirk, at that time a small girl, became the opening shot of the video where she was skating across a “Kona USA” logo.

Lauras goal was to recreate the now ten years old opening shot with Molly. Now Molly recently turned 18, graduated high school and began focusing on surfing – far away from the little girl a few years ago.

© Laura Heald

For now travel is Mollys education. She spends most of her time in the water and on the road. The then shy but smiling 8-year-old girl with skate pads, which covered every extremity of her tiny body, is now a professional model, surfer, and charming young adult.

“When I had some down time before Christmas I got back in touch with the Kirk’s to see if Molly would be in town. She was and was happy to pose. She needed photos for a modeling portfolio, I needed pictures for my photography portfolio. It was a match made in Heaven, also known as Atlantic Beach, FL.”

© Laura Heald

For the shooting with Molly on the beach Laura brought, besides her Nikon D810, one Expert D 500 compact flash with a beauty dish – both in combination with a Power Max L battery pack to be independent of fixed power sources.

© Laura Heald

“The simplicity of the Hensel gear allowed me to bring a studio to the beach. The Power Max L battery pack allowed me to use the Expert D 500 unit – a unit usually plugged into a wall – on location, allowing incredibly fast recycle times and easily mobility to move with the ambient light.”

© Laura Heald
© Laura Heald

“Things change as we grow older, but some things remain the same.”

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About the photographer:

Besides other talents Laura Heald is a visual storyteller, photographer and editor. In 2009 she began working as a visual journalist for Straw Hat Visuals. Since then, she has traveled the world making images and telling stories. In 2015, she and the team at Straw Hat Visuals won the first place in News Multimedia 48 hours. She teaches workshops and produce curricular content and gave presentations in over 20 universities across the country.

More information about Laura Heald and her work can be found on her Homepage or Facebook-Page.