Hensel Expert D – The “State of the Art” Compact Flashes

'Paradise Kitchen' by Marc Stern
© Marc Stern

The Hensel Expert D series was developed from scratch and introduced in 2010. In 2014 the series was expanded with the introduction of the Expert D 250 Speed. The series was designed to be the most versatile compact flash units fulfilling the highest demand put to them, while also meeting the requirements of critical fashion, life style and portrait photographers.

The project “Paradise Kitchen” from Marc Stern not only refelcts the talents of the photographer, but also illustrates the performance and possibilities of each Expert D.

'Paradise Kitchen' by Marc Stern, Model: Julia
© Marc Stern

Why Expert D?

All monolights of this series stand out due to the remarkably fast flash recycling sequence times and short flash duration. Compared with other compact flashes, Expert D achieves results at higher power output which are ideal for dynamic shoots. A large power range and various light shaping tools extend the creative possibilities of these strobes.

Integrated WiFi Remote Control  allows the control of the flash units remotely via an app and “freemask” to create perfect quality mask cut outs while shooting, are two of the time saving features available on this series of monolights.

The Expert D 250 Speed, Expert D 500 or Expert D 1000 all reflect what is possible today in the compact strobe market. Ergonomic design and functionality form an alliance simplifying workflow by making operation mindless. Technology, breath-taking performance and the ability to perform reliability day in, day out 364 days a year set these strobes apart from the rest of the crowd.

'Paradise Kitchen' by Marc Stern, Model: Mara
© Marc Stern

Features Expert D

The Expert D Monolights have following advantages:

  • WiFi Remote Control
  • freemask for cut-out masks in perfect quality while shooting
  • Integrated radio synchronization & remote control
  • Short flash duration times already in the medium power range
  • Off-grid operation in combination with Power Max L (optional accessory)
  • Reflector quick-change automatic
  • Bright 300 W modeling light
  • First-class workmanship with stable materials
  • Highest load capacity of electronics and flash tubes
  • Advanced thermo management for continuous operation
  • Comprehensive accessory range
  • USB port for software update
  • Developed and manufactured in Germany

Differences Expert D

While the “250 Speed”, “500” and “1000” function and operate the same, there are some differences between the units in this series:

Expert D 250 Speed (Art. 8390SW)

  • Energy up to 250 Ws
  • Short flash duration from 1/4.000 s up to 1/10.000 s (1/10.000s at 90-32 Ws)
  • Fast flash sequence from 4,5 up to 22 flashes per second
  • f-stop (1 m, ISO 100, t 1/60, 12″ Reflector) f 45 8/10
  • Power range: 9 f-stops in 1/10 steps

In addition, the Expert D 250 Speed was the test winner of the DigitalPHOTO in this year’s issue 3/2017. More information about the test and the original report can be found here.







Expert D 500 (Art. 8350SW)

  • Energy up to 500 Ws
  • Flash duration from 1/2.000 s up to 1/5.600 s (1/5.600s at 145-64 Ws)
  • Fast flash sequence from 2 up to 9 flashes per second
  • f-stop (1 m, ISO 100, t 1/60, 12″ Reflector) f 90
  • Power range: 8 f-stops in 1/10 steps

The Expert D 500 are also availabke in a KIT: EXPERT D 1000 KIT or EXPERT D 1500 KIT.


2x Expert D 500 (Art. 8350SW)

2x Aluminium stand VI (Art. 223)

1x Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitter (Art. 3950)

1x Softbox Ultra E – 80×100 cm with honeycomb grid (Art. 380100HC)

1x 7″-Reflector (Art. 504)

1x Stand bag big (Art. 3750)

1x Softbag VII ‘De Luxe’ (Art. 4201)





3x Expert D 500 (Art. 8350SW)

3x Aluminium stand VI (Art. 223)

1x Strobe Wizard Plus radio transmitter (Art. 3950)

1x Softbox Ultra E – 80×100 cm with honeycomb grid (Art. 380100HC)

1x Umbrella flood reflector (Art. 87)

1x Master umbrella white 80 cm (Art. 98)

1x 7″-Reflector (Art. 504)

1x Stand bag big (Art. 3750)

1x Softbag VIII ‘De Luxe’ (Art. 4191)


Expert D 1000 (Art. 8360SW)

  • Energy up to 1000 Ws
  • Flash duration from 1/1.300 s up to 1/3.000 s (1/3.000s at 310-130 Ws)
  • Fast flash sequence from 1 up to 4,8 flashes per second
  • f-stop (1 m, ISO 100, t 1/60, 12″ Reflector) f 128
  • Power range: 8 f-stops in 1/10 steps

Paradise Kitchen with Marc Stern and Expert D

During this project paradise dishes were seductively staged.

It all began in July 2008 with an inspiration, the origin of this illustrated book – the honey picture. After numerous discussions with cooks and publishers, Marc Stern began this personal project in the middle of 2016. With a team of ten models, four cooks and restaurants, a food blogger, countless props and ingredients, the pictures from this project went go to press. Today the book “Paradise Kitchen” is available and also supports “Kinder unterm Regenbogen“.

The Making Of pictures and a video below you will learn how the Expert D series were used to make these images.

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Paradise Kitchen

More information about the illustrated book “Paradise Kitchen” can be found at www.marc-stern.com

Marc Stern

More information about Marc Stern can be found at his Homepage or on facebook.

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