FRIENDS IN PHOTOGRAPHS – Laura Heald on the road with Porty

Laura Heald lived three years in Nebraska, USA to get to know the life and to meet the people there. On her personal mission she portrait people who passed her way during her stay under everyday circumstances.


Each shooting has been created in a natural and uncomplicated surrounding for the people in front of the camera while Laura lived her passion: photographing. To create this enjoyable and unaffected situation for all involved parties, Laura needed more than just a good camera – that light creats the atmosphere in a picture is generally known.

When I light something, I don’t want the light to be obvious; I want it to look natural. The Hensel’s made achieving that “natural” look incredibly easy. The light seemed to melt into each subject, gently wrapping around their features and offering just enough punch to make them stand out from the background.



Among other things, a Hensel Porty L 1200, a Grand 90 parabolic softbox and a couple of reflectors went the first time with Laura and gave their best for every use.

I’ve always heard wonderful things about Hensel light, but had never had the chance to work with them before. This was my first time using the system, but won’t be my last.

If you want to know more about Lauras stay in Nebraska, how she created her pictures and used the equipment from Hensel visit her blog “On The Road With Laura Heald”.


About the photographer:

Besides other talents Laura Heald is a visual storyteller, photographer and editor. In 2009 she began working as a visual journalist for Straw Hat Visuals. Since then, she has traveled the world making images and telling stories. In 2015, she and the team at Straw Hat Visuals won the first place in News Multimedia 48 hours. She teaches workshops and produce curricular content and gave presentations in over 20 universities across the country.


More information about Laura Heald and her work can be found on her Homepage or Facebook-Page.