NEW: The Copy One Repro System

Copy One - developed by Kaiser Fotoechnik & Hensel

We’ve partnered with the experts at Kaiser Fototechnik to jointly develop a special flash head that is part of the proven Kaiser repro system and can be used with almost any of the current and many of the older Hensel flash generators.

Often, conventional continuous light sources are used to light these originals in reprography. However, when the highest image quality is required, we recommend the use of a flash for still images and high-quality LED lights for videos. The selection of versatile repro lights till now has been quite limited, with many users making do using adaptations of historic technology

Copy One - developed by Hensel & Kaiser Fototechnik

Better with flashlight

When compared with traditional continuous light sources, the Copy One Repro Flash System offers substantial advantages regarding usage and image quality:

  • No loss of resolution due to camera vibrations (shutter movement & mirror bounce)
  • Wide range of light intensity without change in color temperature
  • The effects of interfering light sources on image results are eliminated, e.g. daylight and ceiling lights, due to short sync times
  • No fuzziness or blurs due to set-up vibrations or the movement of originals thanks to short flash duration times
  • No need for long exposures and/or high light sensitivity – thus no picture noise
  • Continuous spectrum and thus authentic color rendering
  • Reserve capacities for reproductions with light reducing specialty filters like IR exposures and polarized light
  • Reduced thermal impact on originals due to minimal IR and UV emission
  • Integrated LED light for professional video recordings and as modeling light

You can find detailed info & technical date HERE at the COPY ONE FLASH HEAD product page.

The Copy One is also available as a repro kit with two flash heads and accessories: COPY ONE REPRO KIT product page

Detailed info about color rendering and safety of the Copy One can be downloaded HERE.

Available from September!

The new Copy One flash head is available from September via the sales channels of the companies Kaiser Fototechnik and Hensel-Visit as single units as well as a repro kit with two heads and accessories.
Metal barn doors with integrated filter gel holders are available as optional accessory.